Renee Rich
(Artistic Director)

Renee Rich has an extensive background as a dancer, singer, actress & performer, both in the USA & South America. As a young child and teen, Renee was cast in lead roles for T. V. series, theatrical plays and television commercials. As a young adult living in South America, she became a popular entertainer in song & dance with weekly solo guest appearances on the well-known Latin variety show Sabado Gigante. Upon returning to the states she then became a long-standing member in several of Miami's premier dance companies. Her well-known versatility in contemporary jazz, tap, ballet, modern & flamenco dance styles has earned her a respected reputation as a dancer's dancer. Ms. Rich has been a teacher and choreographer for the Florida Dance Festival, the New World School of the Arts, the Lakeland Florida Sacred Dance Conference and Florida International University.​ Since 1993 she has been appointed judge to the prestigious National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts and a master teacher for the foundation in both jazz & tap.

Daryl Edwards
(Executive Director)

Daryl Edwards is originally from Schenectady, NY.   Before venturing into his “dance director” life he spent his days as a pharmaceutical manager for Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  Love brought him to In Motion.  He currently is the proud husband of Artistic Director Renee Rich Edwards and Father to his beautiful daughter Ella

In motion’s Teachers

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